Public Holidays

We close on all the normal public holidays.


  • As our name suggests we sell second hand CD’s, records and books.
  • We buy records and CDs.
  • Note: We do not buy books.
  • Note: We do not buy or sell school books or text books.


Come in and spend some time looking through our thousands of books, records and CDs. All genres. The vast majority of our stock is 2nd hand, but we have a very small but select range of new CDs, records and books. The second hand stock is priced according to condition. Most items are $10 or less.

Buy On Line

For the sake of simplicity and good service we have a four stage process for on-line purchases:

  1. You place an enquiry or order by email
  2. We will reply with details on condition, postage costs and payment options
  3. If you are happy with the above, you pay by Paypal or direct transfer.
  4. We post.


We aim to assist those who are moving house, down-sizing, tidying up, or sorting out an estate by taking whatever records, books or CDs you need to clear out.  We do not pick and choose. We do not send you home with half your stuff. We see it as our job to take it and sort it. The best items will find their way onto our shelves. We pass some things on to our favourite charities.  And the rest gets ‘recycled’ one way or another.

Most of our customers are happy to drop their stuff off to us and walk away with a little pocket money.  However we cannot pay big bucks, so if you are looking to make lots of money from your stuff, you would be better to set up a market stall or get busy on eBay – but it’s hard work!

We take books but do not pay cash for them.

FAQ: How much do you pay per record?

Answer: It doesn’t really work like that. I have a different formula to most other dealers because I take the lot. Briefly, I pull out the individual items that I actually need and pay a dollar or five for them depending on what they are, add a bulk price for the rest, and see what the total is. If the seller is happy with that then we write it all up. 99% of people seem happy with this arrangement. Sometimes it might be $20, sometimes $100, depends on what it is. So we are not talking thousands!

Don’t be offended if we tell you that your stuff is not really worth much. We are not ripping you off, we are just giving you an honest appraisal.

I don’t do appraisals on line.  Experience has taught me that usually my quote is used to bump up the the offer of the next dealer.

We don’t do home visits, unless it is a special circumstance and you are serious about getting rid of your stuff. Too many times I’ve wasted an hour or two at someone’s home only to be told, “Thanks, we’ll think about it.” – never to be heard from again. Most people bring their stuff to me – we have a great car park right out front!


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