About Us

John and Anne Tait have operated this fascinating little family business in the Melbourne suburb of Essendon since May 2002. As our name suggests we sell records, CDs and (a small number of) books. In July 2015 we moved away from Essendon station to a shop in Moonee Ponds. now we are part of the fabulous Lost & Found Market (stall #7).


John is author (or collaborator) of a number of music related books: ‘Vanda and Young – Inside Australia’s Hit Factory’ 2010 NewSouth Books; John Bois’ brilliant and hilarious book ‘The Dingoes Lament’ (Nov 2012); with Catherine Fleming, Captain Matchbox & Beyond; and most recently Tait’s Modern Guide to Record Collecting (Melbourne Books, 2016). He also worked with Broderick Smith to make his new book a relaity.

We have just developed a new course: ‘The Secrets of Record Collecting’. Laneway Learning are offering it on Tuesday June 26.