AC/DC 12″ Singles

A crate of records came in the other day and sadly many of them had suffered some water damage. Two of them were AC/DC 12″ singles. I cleaned them up the best I could and then played them. There was something very odd about the 1983 Albert’s reissue of ‘You shook Me all night Long” which is supposed to have on the B-side ‘She’s Got Balls’ and a live version of the title song. Imagine my surprise when I played the B-side after cleaning it to find an 80s electronic dance mix song!

I used Shazam to find out what this song is, and it suggested a version of ‘Nervous Breakdown’ by Master Genius. You-tube confirmed that this is one mix of that song. According to the label the matrix number of the B-side should be ED 229B. However scratched into the run-out groove on my weird copy is the matrix number LMD 229B. It seems someone at the pressing plant has made a terrible error, which has gone unnoticed??? (I have another copy of this record but everything is correct.) Is this a one-off? I don’t know. I have tried to find an on-line reference to the mistake but nothing comes up.

There is a British pressing of ‘You Shook Me’ with a different cover, which has ‘Shake a Leg’ as the B-side by mistake. But mine in an Australian pressing and has a non-AC/DC song on the B-side. In fact the AC/DC boys would be horrified to know an electronic dance song has gate-crashed the flip side of one of their records – imagine what Angus and Malcolm would say! The funny thing is that if it had of been in mint condition in the first place I would never have bothered playing the B-side.