The Dingoes Lament


The Dingoes Lament by John Bois, Melbourne Books, 2012

A few years ago I read the first chapter of this manuscript on the Milesago website.  I thought it was brilliant and too good not to be published. I tracked down John Bois who is now living in Florida and half an hour later was laughing my way through the whole manuscript.  After a little editing and structuring I sent the manuscript to David Tenenbaum at Melbourne Books.  His reply was brief but encouraging, “I used to go and see the Dingoes in Carlton.”

The other Dingoes members were cautiously supportive and we launched the book at the Dingoes farewell gig at the Caravan Club.

I still believe this is one of the funniest and best written Australian music biographies you can pick up. John takes a creative approach to true events as he charts the Dingoes attempts to make it big in America. It is a road trip starting in Perth and ending in New York.

You can still get them from Melbourne Books… or buy one from me for $15 including postage.