Captain Matchbox and Beyond


Captain Matchbox & Beyond – Catherine Fleming & John Tait 

“… This book has more old jokes in it than a Snake Tales compilation and like the big book of anti-gravity, I couldn’t put it down. A wonderful book indeed.” Fred Negro

Catherine Fleming and John Tait have created a wonderfully rich history titled Captain Matchbox and Beyond – The Music and Mayhem of Mic and Jim Conway which was duly launched by H.G. Nelson …” Bruce Elder

Essential reading if you are a Matchbox fan, or just looking for a most entertaining insight into a remarkable chapter in Australian music history.” Coffin Ed, Jay Katz and Miss Death

And feedback from friends old and new:

“Having spent a considerable amount of time with the boys at 101 Greville, Yellow House, Dimboola and the famous Paddo Town Hall gigs and of course seeing Mic from time to time at the shops here, what really made it for me was the dialog bits, which transported me to documentary images, mentally. It was not just a bland recap of their lives. The layout of the book with all it’s images and music clips made me “sing” the songs in my head as I read the words.” Sam Bienstock

“I got home late and knackered  to find your book on the table. What a bloody ripper!  Having almost immediately abandoned watching the cricket I thought I might read a few pages. I am already half way through.  It’s a cracker. Funny, warm and engaging it puts you guys up where you belong in that small pantheon of people who really have made an impact on this country.” Andrew Knight (screenwriter)

“If you only buy one book in your life, this is the one to buy.” HG Nelson

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You can buy one from me at or go direct to the publisher’s website: Melbourne Books