Essendon Record Fair


A message from Mick Maloney:

Hi friends ,

Well it’s taken a couple of weeks and some agonising over the 15 May Essendon  Record Fair situation and I have decided it will not go ahead. A final check of the venue yesterday and  thinking of all configurations possible now makes me feel the remaining space it is too small to continue there in 2016. It may be looked at  again in  2017 after their  apartments are built but there is no confirmation that my lost space will return and as mentioned in the first email there are plans to demolish the venue in the future. Recent events have drained me and I have no immediate  intention to find another venue. So please don’t ring me to discuss or evaluate  what’s happened.

I realise many of you and our loyal customers will be very disappointed. Most of you have been with me for a long time and we had a great atmosphere happening together. So until I bump into you again somewhere in record world  thanks for your support and friendship over time.

All the best,

Mick Maloney

Dates for 2016:

Sunday May 15 – cancelled

September – did not happen.

2017: no plans.


Essendon Record Fair